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Colorado, July 2005

New York, Dec 24 1958

I was born just before WWII broke out, and my early childhood was spent under one of the worst wars in history. The war and the following Soviet occupation of eastern Europe tore millions of families apart, and my family was one of them. I ended up with my maternal grandparents in 1946, who raised me to be a righteous and true Hungarian. I never found out what happened to my parents and one brother named Attila, until just recently when I located him in Romania. After the new Soviet invasion during the Hungarian revolution, and after all hopes for freedom faded for Hungary, I left my country on 28 November 1956. I journeyed from Austria to the USA in June 1957. Living in New York was nice, but I wanted something different, so I joined the US Army and served my new country honorably for 21 years around the world as infantry, armor crewman, armor cavalry trooper, and finally as Armament Maintenance Technician. I returned to college to complete my education in electronics (which was interrupted by the Hungarian uprising) at Western Kentucky University. Using my experience and education, I further served my country as an instructor and finally as a training division chief at the US Army Armor School, Fort Knox Kentucky until July 2003. Since that time I have been pursuing my further dream of contributing to science by joining my two sons in the Exstrom Laboratories, LLC business venture. I have not forgotten my native country, and I am planning to visit both Hungary and Romania in the very near future, where I still have some relatives, and find out more about my family history.

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